Electrical Safety Code Defects Correction

To ensure a safe home, you need to have a safe electrical system. If you have received a Defects Notice from the authorities, allows us to take care of it efficiently.

Typically when you buy a new home, code compliance is not something you need to be concerned with because the newest regulations are followed by the builder. But, if you have an older home, you must be alert regarding the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and Canadian Electrical Code. In such houses, you can expect outdated wiring and non-compliant devices. Also, if the previous owner has opted for DIY electrical renovations, then the electrical system of your home may not be according to the requirements of the Codes.

No matter what the reason, it is a good idea to bring out an electrical contractor such as Power Electrical when you inherit property or decide to purchase an older home. We can review the existing wiring and give you an accurate idea of what you’re jumping into. Even if you decide to go ahead, we can always make the electrical code corrections that will bring you up to date and back on track!


We take care of Electrical Safety Code Violations

As a homeowner, you should be very conscious about the safety of your home. And, if you have received a defects notice from the Electrical Safety Authority informing you about an electrical safety code violation, you should not ignore it. It is better to call an expert electrician who can correct the defect and provide you with a safe electrical system. If you live in Greater Toronto Area, you will have to follow the Ontario Electrical Safety Code along with the Canadian Electrical Code. The documents related to the Codes are complicated and so, it requires the expertise of a licensed electrician such as Power Electrical to comprehend it successfully. We will take care of several different types of violations such as outdated electrical panels, faulty wiring, safety violations, damaged circuits, improper connections, incomplete electrical renovation projects, use of non-compliant electrical devices, etc. Trust the expert for completing the work within the time-frame specified by the authorities. Do not worry about electrical defects. Contact us for a quick inspection and we will help you with all kinds of electrical problems.

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Power Electrical will put an End to your Worry

The safety and security of your family as well as your home is of prime importance to us. Power Electrical doesn’t shy away from hard work. Our licensed electricians will conduct their business professionally and enable you to power up your home efficiently. We have experience of electrical code corrections of several years. We have been making homes of Greater Toronto Area code compliant. With the introduction of Ontario Electrical Safety Code 2015, DIY electrical renovation projects have become difficult. If you opt for making changes to the electrical system of your home, do not consider it as a DIY project. Get in touch with Power Electrical today.

Do not worry about the cost of hiring an electrical contractor because it is better to opt for safe installation instead of paying hefting fines to the authorities. We will provide you with affordable price to renovate your home. If you are looking for upgrading the electrical panel of your home or improving the grounding, call on (416) 477-8900. We will upgrade the electrical system of your home and make it modern and cost-efficient.

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