Electrical Service Upgrades

(Power Upgrades 100-200-400 amp)

As we’ve progressed in the digital age, the need for more outlets, more ports, and more power has rendered the electrical components of many older homes inadequate. Stretching the power supply too thin ultimately results in circuit overloads, shorts and blown fuses. So, if you are experiencing some of the electrical failures, you should give us a call at Power Electrical  to assist you with power upgrades. At Power Electrical, we specialize in residential electrical panel upgrades that range from 100-400 amps service depending on your needs.

Most older homes lack proper grounding and generally have electrical panels that only meet the minimum requirement of 100 amps. We can upgrade the existing electrical panel or install a new one quickly and that too, with minimal power outage. Our prices are reasonable and our work is unparalleled. So, do not hesitate to call us if you are curious about your current power amperage or thinking of electrical service upgrade.


Do I need to Upgrade the Electrical Panel to Higher amp Service?

You might be asking yourself, “How can I tell if I need an electrical service upgrade? Is my current amperage enough to power my home in the future?” These are valid questions and our customer service experts would be happy to explain everything you need to know about the current power supply you have and what you could expect from a power upgrade. Generally speaking, the difference between 100-200-400 amp electrical panels varies from home-to-home based on the size of the house and how many electrical components you utilize on a regular basis. As technology advances, there are more devices and hi-tech appliances that will draw more power supply. So, if you are remodeling or upgrading the lighting fixtures in your home, it might be a good idea to increase the amperage of your home’s electrical box. We specialize in this sort of upgrade at Power Electrical. We would be more than happy to send out a technician to assess your current power capabilities and help you with a power upgrade.

electrical service upgrades

We are Experts at Electrical Service Upgrades

As we have mentioned above, the 100 amp electrical panel has been a minimum requirement for some time and many older homes are wired for the same amount only. A small power upgrade of moving from 150 amps to 200 amps or a large scale 400 amp panel for a fully integrated “smart” house – our prices are extremely reasonable for every electrical renovation project. At Power Electrical, we provide a detailed directory of your control panel so that moving forward it’ll be snap to kill a circuit if it requires work without the time consuming process of checking each one. We offer surge protection on your entire electrical system which is a major benefit for those with high-end electrical components, tool and appliances.

Power Electrical strives to fulfill your electrical needs. Our talented and licensed electricians will listen to your needs carefully and make sure that your home can support any and all of your electrical appliances safely.


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