Electrical Work for Custom Homes

(Whole Home Assessments)

At Power Electrical  we have been in business since 1991 and we’ve learned a lot over the years. We have also built relationships with customers across the spectrum from our completed projects that range from residential to industrial and all categories in between. The former category has always been at our core and we like the personal service we can give homeowners.  We specialize in several aspects of home rewiring and assessment projects that include:

  • RetroFit Lighting
  • High Rise Sub Metering
  • Knob & Tube Rewiring
  • Solar PV MicroFit
  • Commercial Renovation & Construction Improvements

When it comes to buyers looking for custom built homes, we are also the best folks to call in the GTA because of our connections with builders in the area.  We can wire you entire home and install lighting as needed inside, outside and even in your pool or spa!  Do not hesitate to contact us for your new building projects or the existing ones that may require upgrades.  Speaking of older homes, our whole home assessments are comprehensive and second to none.  We offer the following services:

  • Ground checks for all circuits –
  • Detailed directories
  • Loose connection checks
  • Receptacle polarity
  • Circuit loading analysis
  • General analysis of the home’s electrical system

Upgrade the Electrical System in your Your Custom Home

As you can see, we’ve been working on analyzing electrical systems and upgrading homes for safety concerns for a long time. Our quotes are reasonable and our courteous customer service staff will listen to your questions and offer solutions that benefit you. Our whole home assessments typically range from $600-1200 and our technicians will work around your schedule. At Power Electrical residential homes are at our core because our people are our core competency that separates us from other electrical contractors in the area. We take care of our employees and they in turn provide the highest possible level of customer service to our customers.

Speaking of our technicians, they can usually complete a professional and comprehensive whole home assessment of you electrical system in a couple of hours. When it comes to planned homes, we will generally setup a meeting to walkthrough your blueprints and assess what your expectations are. We can recommend the optimal location to add solar panels, additional lighting and also point out any deficiencies where you might benefit from additional outlets or an upgraded panel to increase your amperage.

electrical work for custom home

New homes are typically planned for 200 amps or more, but older ones can be as low as 60 to 100 amps, which mean there is probably an inadequate power supply.  Our whole home assessments can uncover this info and after a brief discussion with our technician about your power needs and plans for the future, we can give you a same-day estimate for upgrading your panel and any other additions that might be needed.

At Power Electrical  our goal is to provide you with a fair and quality assessment while pointing out any areas of need or issues that might otherwise put you or your family in danger.  Even if you don’t book a renovation or remodeling service with us, our assessments are certified as some of the most comprehensive in the industry and we will be sure to give you the information you need to make an educated decision about your home.

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    When I bought my new home I had no idea that I would need so much electrical work done. I wasn't sure where to turn so I gave Power Electrical a chance. I'm so thankful I did. These guys did a great job. They were fast and the price wasn't bad either. Thanks, Power Electrical!

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