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In every household across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area there is always a need for electrical work that can most likely be completed in one day. There are usually a number of electrical projects that the average homeowner with their busy lifestyle just doesn’t have the time or skill to complete.So, simply hire the professionals at Power Electrical to complete all your electrical renovations with ease. Your home deserves the special attention of a licensed electrician.


Electrician for a Day to ensure Zero Tension for Months

When renovating your home it is important that electrical installations are completed safely and to code. Electrical problems may arise at any time and that is why it’s important to have qualified licensed electricians from Power Electrical to make sure all electrical work is up to standard. After all, your home is your most precious asset.

We, as homeowners, are well aware that electrical problems are best left in the hands of a skilled licensed electrician.

At Power Electrical, We know that problems such as flickering lights, smoking plug outlets and power outages can be a scary proposition for any homeowner. But you can relax knowing that any electrical situation whether big or small in nature will be handled in a proper fashion. We will handle all types of common electrical repairs around your house for $789 per day. Also, we will shoulder the responsibility of obtaining the materials and taking care of ESA inspections for nominal charges.

At Power Electrical, we use a simple approach to come up with a long-lasting solution to an electrical problem.
1. We LISTEN carefully to your issues and concerns.
2. Secondly, We ASSESS the situation before we initiate the work process.
3. We LOOK for the underlying problem.
4. Next, we ISOLATE the area of electrical concern.
5. Finally, we COMPLETE the necessary repairs and maintain the electrical integrity and safety standards.
6. More importantly, we ENSURE that our scope of work is completed according to the codes and meets the clients’ needs.

Power Electrical: Toronto’s favorite Electrician

1. Trouble shooting and maintenance
2. Major changes of an existing room
3. New electrical fixtures for a home theatre entertainment system
4. Hanging a chandelier in your expansive foyer
5. A panel upgrade
6. Wiring upgrade
7. Solar panel wiring
8. Hot tub and pool pump wiring
9. Specialty lighting
10. LED lighting upgrades
11. Basement, kitchen wiring
12. Backup generator installation

In most cases, a licensed electrician can rectify any electrical concern in an 8 hour day. But the more extensive work may take a bit more time to complete. Consider the pricing list for electrical installation and repair services to ascertain the cost of different electrical renovation projects. Do not worry about the safety of your home. Rest assured! Put your mind at ease knowing that Power Electrical will get the job done right.

Electricity is a crucial part of every functioning home in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area communities. If you have a design in mind and want a particular set of fixtures for your home, contact the professionals at Power Electrical by calling on (416) 477-8900. We ensure that all your electrical concerns are dealt to your satisfaction.

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  • "Power Electrical for the win :)"

    Bryant M.

    What Can I say, these guys are amazing! They were fast, professional and affordable. It doesn't get much better than that.

  • "These guys are the best!"

    Anthony N.

    When I bought my new home I had no idea that I would need so much electrical work done. I wasn't sure where to turn so I gave Power Electrical a chance. I'm so thankful I did. These guys did a great job. They were fast and the price wasn't bad either. Thanks, Power Electrical!

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